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Today was sweet. Last nite was better. Last nite rates like a 9.5 on my fun scale. Mike destroyed chances of a perfect 10. Church was awesome me n fel had a sweet time, i was numb for some of it tho. ;-)
Today was cool 1st and 2nd hour were gay, well in 1st i stole mikes koosh :)
science/math was really cool cause i got to be in the dark lol. i got my hair pulled about a million times tho :-\. It was weird cause i wasnt jealous..... was i supposed to be?
I didnt wanna leave that class :-\.
Lunch was really sweet too. I just kinda followed derek cause i guesss hes sexy? that was his reason n e ways. Zach was like "OH NO YOU DIDNT B****" to me and derek yelled at him for it that made me feel special lol i know im a dork.
spanish i just basically caught up ooo i still havnt read jess's note lol
n e ways oh yea bus ride home was sweet nick makes me laugh :)
ohhh i almost forgot "Te quiero!!!" and uhh "Te amo" annddd lastly "Petit shoo" lol my little cabbage :)
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