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i do believe the highlight of my day was getting my hair caught in that metal thing :-\. I had a bad day.
I cant talk to felicia cause her dads a fag and my mom adds to it
now i miss karin even more cause i got to see her and whenever she comes its like she never left. I didnt really realize it but when she lived here, me n her basically lived together cause we were always hangin out. HAha its better if you suck it:)
Jess's house was fun, we all came outta the closet.
I already established that sunday sucked. And im II this close to tellin off the next person at my church who makes a joke about it aka **dell**

HAHA i love listenin to 95.5 tho :)

tic tac- LIMPY WHAT ARE YOU DOING? OMG hes putting the deer on top of the bus ITS GUNNA FALL!!
Limpy- Ive got some weather proof ducttape and yarn!!

Haha yayyyyyy STEF!!! OUR SONGS ON!!! TRyna take it easy only way to go!!! and soooooo
If ya lookin for me ill be on the block yyyyyeyeeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhh!!!

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