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Happy birthday to me!

So the past few days were SWEET!! my parents were lenient cause it was my bday. I cant believe im 16... and still cant drive!!! >:(!

N e ways tuesday i had....; Felicia, Cameron, Freddie, Christina, Dianna, Paige, and Kaitlyn stay the night. A little crazy but we  divided up so it was really; Me felicia, my sis, Cameron and freddie then everyone else. We put shaving creame on them in the middle of the night it was hilarious. Kaitlyn flipped and called us all immature hhee then they got sweet revenge sweet sweet sweet hahaha they are losers.


We were about to do cam's hair

We all actually kinda smiled for this one

Then we went to the rolladium, that was sweet :) i only fell once cause some jerk pushed me >:(!


Then yesterday i went over to Mike's house and hung out with kaitlyn, kaley, Cisalee, Mike, Damon, Kyle, Sarah, Scotty, and Ryan. We watched the 40 year old virgin witch was awesome i wasnted to watch the unrated version but they only had the rated one.
Then we played hide and go seek, im not very good at it and kaitlyns so freakin fast no one stood a chance!! and the last time i played mike scared me 1/2 to death it was crazy!!! oh and i learned how to play poker, we had a pretty sweet time and were all addicted to cappacinio thanks to kaitlyn :) hehe

now felicia is over, my bday with family just got over i was def. glad felicia was here cause i woulda been so bored. Kayla came, she still hates me, w/e :)


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Yeah so that is wut you were doin while I was out there watching your cousin discover dirty under the couch and being in a transe from watchin your sis play the Sims. Well this week has been the best in a while. too bad my dad ruined it today. I really need to talk to you about wut we fought over. Call me. And this isnt another thing that only I would think is a big deal just FYI!!!!
i like ur picture with u wearing the hat. ur always keepin it gangsta fo sho. stay fla-aaa-aaa-aa. luv ya walking buddy!
"kaitlyn's so flippen fast no one can catch her"- hahaha lol
"we're all addicted to speedway cappicinos now cuz of kaitlyn"- lol lol lol theyre soooo yummy me and kaley have started a savings for our cappicinos so we have money for cappicino when we dont have money in our pockets :D haha
the other night was tons of fun to bad you couldnt come to kaleys last night :( <33
the other night was very fun and very silly hehe how did kaleys go?