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Summer has come and past

The innocent can never last .....

28 December
You know your too hyper when you have a permanet marker fight so you no longer nkow if your just hyper or on a buzz, and you try to light a bunch of sparklers but end up only with 3 or 4 lit at a time
haha good times felzy, fel, fashesha well u get the pic


duckies are the horsies of the sea, and this is true I rode one in d.c. -Scotty-

"Better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all."

"Love makes the time pass. Time makes love pass."

he laughs at my dreams But I dream about his laughter

105.9, 5th hour, 93.1, 95.5, abercrombie, aeropostle, all falls down, american eagle, and things like chemistry, answering machines, ashlee simpson, bed bath and beyond, big brother, blue, boiling points, boy meets world, brett, brownies, bug convertables, cameras, cars, cats, cd players, cds, chapped lips, chapsitck, chipmunks, chocolate, church, cinnibon, clairs, computers, cory, dairy queen, dawsons creek, degrassi, derek, derek ebner, diggitty wizz, dogs, dollar stores, english, er, eric fish, erica, erica s, exclamation marks, felicia, feng shui, fo sho, food, forever 21, french, french fries, fresh prince, friends, full house, funny people, good charlett, guys, hoodies, icing, illiterate people, irobot, jamie, jeans, jeff k, jess, jewlry, jim carey, joe, jokes, jordan, just joking, just kidding, just playing, kanye west, kayla, kj52, lisa's car, livejournal, lol, maroon 5, marquee, math, micky d's, milk, mirrors, mott, music!, nasty girl, nickalodian, no, ok?, oldies, out of eden, pepsi, phones, pictures, pieces of me, pirates of the caribbean, pools, pop, pop rocks, r&b, rap, rc, relient k, resees, ring tones, rock, rugrats!, ryan, ryan cabrera, ryan's phone, seen, shoes, shopping, sir mix alot, skits, slow motion, smiley faces, spanish, spiderman 2, spongebob, sports, sunshine, superstaion, t.v, teddy, tee shirts, the #2, the #3, the band, the internet, the mall, the movies, the radio, the vma's, the word ambedextrous, tlc, trl, usher, vans, volley ball, water, words, ym, you!